Marina Lozano Triay

I understand art as that way of life, that unique and personal journey that helps me get to know myself and others.

My name is Marina Lozano Triay and I define myself as illustrator, sculptor and scenographer, although I consider myself lover and creator of art in all its forms. I graduated in Fine Arts (2013 - 2017) specializing in sculpture, where during my training I had the opportunity to participate in various exhibitions of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, and in two Biennale Sculpture Valldoreix dels Somnis. I continued my studies with the Master of Stage Design an I recently I’ve been a stage designer for the theatre company Magatzem d’Ars SL, being in charge of the design and construction of part of the sets of his shows. I have also collaborated in short films and montages of events, and I do not rule out the idea of I don’t rule out the idea of diving into whatever artistic madness is to come.

Menorca is my home and my most magical source of inspiration.