The 10 wildest and authentic beaches of Menorca (and a secret cove)

Menorca: its wildest beaches

The virgin beaches of Menorca are, without a doubt, its greatest attraction. Who does not dream of bathing in crystal clear waters and relaxing sunbathing on a beach immersed in uncontaminated nature? In this article we talk about the 10 wildest and authentic beaches of Menorca, adding also a secret beach that we think you will like.


Cala Pregonda

We could define Cala Pregonda as the "Queen of the North" because, perhaps, it is the wildest and most authentic beach that we find precisely on the north coast of Menorca. It is accessed by walking through a section of the Cavalls road, from the parking lot of Binimel la, which is closer, or from the Cavalleria, which allows you to extend the walk and enjoy the reddish landscape characteristic of this part of the island.​

cala pregonda

Platja de Cavalleria

The beach of Cavalleria is probably the easiest to access from this list as it consists of a large parking a few meters from the sand.

However, we could not not not include it within the most authentic beaches of Menorca since its sand and landscape of red earth make it one of the most special that can be found on the island.

We ask you to practice a responsible tourism and not to scratch the mud of the rocks to put it on the skin: it does not have any beneficial property and, on the contrary, it erodes and severely damages the landscape.​

Cala Pilar

Cala Pilar is one of the jewels of the beaches of northern Menorca. It is accessed after a nice walk of about 30 minutes quickly, through a forest.Its sand, like almost all the northern beaches, is reddish. It is very exposed to the wind of Tramuntana, so we recommend checking the state of the wind before visiting it.

Algaiarens/ La Vall

La Vall or Algaiarens is located on the north coast of the island of Menorca, near Ciutadella.
It consists of 2 beaches, the first, called Platja dels Tancats is the largest and easily accessible from the parking.

However, we recommend you to walk 1km along a nice path in the middle of a forest, until you reach the second beach, the platja d'Es Bot, smaller but also more quiet and discreet.

Es Talaier

In the South of Menorca, between the famous Son Saura and Cala Turqueta, we find this small and hidden cove.
With the fine sand and crystal clear water characteristic of the southern beaches, Es Talaier is less crowded than its neighbors and this makes it wilder and more authentic.

Cala Turqueta

Turqueta is, perhaps, along with Macarella, the most famous beach in the South of Menorca. With its white sand and turquoise water (hence the name of the cove) it has nothing to envy to the best beaches of the Caribbean.

Its access is very easy thanks to the fact that it has a parking lot nearby; however, in high season better go first thing in the morning to find a good place.

Cala Macarelleta

Macarelleta, together with his older sister Macarella, is another of the beautiful and authentic coves found in the south of Menorca.
The green vegetation that surrounds it contrasts with the white sand and the blue and transparent water.

To get there, you can leave your vehicle in the parking lot of Macarella and walk just 10 minutes by the Camí de Cavalls.
It is a very small cove and, as in the case of Turqueta, we recommend going first thing in the morning.

Cala Trebalúger

Cala Trebalúger is probably the great unknown of the southern coves of Menorca, however, it has nothing to envy to the most famous.
Its main feature is the mouth of the Trebaluger torrent to the sea.

We recommend arriving from Cala Mitjana, even so, the road is not suitable for all audiences since it has a quite steep slope.
Those who are not afraid of a little physical activity will be rewarded by this great cove with few crowds.

cala trebaluger menorca

Cala Escorxada

Cala Escorxada is perhaps the most difficult cove on our list, as it is practically isolated from any urban area and has no access from the Camí de Cavalls.
Therefore, it is also one of the least frequented on the island.

You can park your vehicle in the parking lot of Cala Mitjana or Santo Tomás and then you will have to walk for approximately 1h until you reach your destination. We assure you that the effort is very worthwhile.

Cala Tortuga

Inside the Nature Reserve of S'Albufera d'Es Grau, and very close to the lighthouse of Favàritx, we find Cala Tortuga.

In low season you can get to the lighthouse car park and, from there, travel almost 2km from the Camí de Cavalls until you reach the cove
In summer, however, access to the lighthouse is prohibited for private vehicles, being necessary to use a shuttle bus from Mahón.


If you have reached the end of this list, we are sure that you will already be more than fascinated by the incredible wild and authentic beaches that Menorca offers to its more adventurous spectators.

However, we want to reveal one more cove, a little secret, yes, it is a secret to keep! We don’t want to be crowded:

Cala Barril

Cala Barril is not easy to reach, perhaps for this reason it is very little known among the most inexperienced visitors of Menorca and even those who think they know it well. We marvel with its reddish sand, unmistakable feature of the beaches of the north of the island. It is reached after walking about 3km from the car park of Binimel là, once past the famous Cala Pregonda.

If you want to enjoy a wild cove, in total tranquility and do not mind the "walk", I have no doubt that Cala Barril will fall in love.

(The photos of the article can be found in Menorca Infinita in the Photo Posters section)​

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