About us

Menorca Infinita, the beauty and authenticity of Menorca

Products made by local artists and craftsmen

Born in 2020, the Menorca Infinita project has just one goal: to enhance the beauty and authenticity of Menorca through objects made by local artisans and artists. And much more: if the inspiration comes from our beloved island, we will host also the arts of foreign artists.

We will work on the quality of the objects, as well as on the emotions that they will convey, and on their uniqueness. We will bring you in contact with the true spirit of Menorca, and with the awe it evokes in all those who fall in love with her.

The creator of Menorca Infinita Project is Alessandro Castagna, editor of the Magazine Voglio Vivere Cosi and of the digital guide Isola di Minorca.

Alessandro llives and works in Minorca since 2008, and you can contact him at this email mktg@menorcainfinita.com