Margarita Espinosa

I am Margarita Espinosa, the person behind the ten fingers that create a lot of objects and illustrations and paintings to make life a bit happier. Actually, not just a bit, a lot!

I studied Graphic Design in Colombia, and when I finished University, about 20 years ago, I began working for means of communications, soon becoming Senior Designer in more than one Advertising Companies. When I decided to come to Europe it was to specialise in Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques in Barcelona, where I also had the chance to expose my artworks. I arrived in Menorca 15 years ago and I immediately began to draw and sketch, draw and sketch, draw and sketch, until I discovered (much to my surprise) that I had created my own label: CAPERUCITAZUL


T-shirts & co.
Reusable face masks
Postcards and Games

Margarita Espinosa
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It seems like CAPERUCITAZUL has born spontaneously, but it's not like that.

CAPERUCITAZUL is color, is the blue sea, the tranquility and serenity, my inner child playing inside myself, it's my passion, what I love doing, it's all the blossoming women, so full of life, the menorcan sea, the colors and happpiness of my country, the love of my partner, of my family, of those people surrounding me; She's the mum, the business woman, the secretary, the housekeeper,the illustrator, the designer; she's my bue days, as well as happy ones, my Sundays strolls, my never ending hours of work, learning, frustration and satisfaction, and above all, growth.

CAPERUCITAZUL is the most vivid reflex of my inner beauty, that I want to share, because in every piece that I make as Caperucitazul, there's a piece of myself. That's the definitive decision to do what I love and strongly believe in it.