Talayotic Minorca: The Island’s prehistory

Ref: MITP11

VAT included


The Minorcan prehistory has its own distinctive and specific traits, quite different from those of continental Europe.

Now that the UNESCO has accepted the candidacy of the Island for its prehistoric monuments to be included as World Heritage, this guidebook is the best and most complete way of learning about them and visiting them.

Written by a team of experts, this book provides thorough yet entertaining explanations, with illustrations depicting the Talayotic Minorca and today photographs, on the different stages of Minorca’s two thousand years of prehistory: how people lived, the way they dealt with death, rites, houses, monuments, etc.

The book also includes 40 factsheets on the more significant prehistoric sites with a description of each site: maps, coordinates, accessibility by car, visiting hours, photographs, duration of the tour and explaining the route around the site just as the best of archaeologists would do.

A unique guide to travel 4,000 years back in history and learn about, appreciate and help preserve this important heritage.

  • Format: 19 x 18 cm
  • Pages 320