Myths and Legends of Menorca

Menorca's legends

Menorca is a magic island. Who knows her is aware of her mystycism, especially in some emblematic places, not found elsewhere.

Those of you who don’t know her yet, we encourage you to discover her, to search for those unique corners, close your eyes and inebriate your senses with its special essence.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Menorca is full of myths and legends.

If you want to discover this more mystical side, go on reading the article and, once you come to the island go and visit these spots, to be sure if the legend is still alive or not.

The Pirate Xoroi

In the 16th century, pirate attacks were common in Menorca.​ Even the famous pirate Barbarossa spawned our capital in 1535.

But this is the story of a pirate whose ship sank.​

For a while he stole food and animals from the locals who, no matter how hard they tried to find him, they couldn't meet him.

One day a young woman also disappeared. They looked for her for years without success until one day it snowed in Menorca and the inhabitants of Cala’n Porter saw footsteps in the snow leading to a cliff in Cales Coves, they went down to one of their caves and there they found Xoroi, the missing girl and 3 children, the result of their love.

Xoroi did not want to be caught and he jumped into the sea, along with her eldest son. Nothing more was heard from them.

Today, that splendid cave is the Cova de'n Xoroi disco-bar

The giants of Naveta de Tudons and Pozo de Sa Barrina

Legend has it that two giants lived in Menorca, in love with the same girl. One day they decided to dispute who deserved her love, each with a feat: one decided to dig a well with his own hands until finding water, while the other would build a naveta with huge stones.The one who finished first would be worthy of the young lady’s love.

There was a day when the giant who was digging the well began to exult, as he had found water and finished first, winning his well-deserved prize. But the other giant, dead of jealousy, threw the last stone of the naveta at him, hitting him on the head and killing him.

For this reason, the Naveta de Tudons has missing a stone (top right)

naveta de tudons

Pozo de Na Patarra

This is a darker legend than the previous ones. Actually, it is told that the Pozo de Na Patarra, near the site of Torralba d'en salord, in Alaior, was the very gate of hell.

There are those who tell that, during the night, you can still hear the footsteps of the inhabitants of the underworld deep inside.

On the other hand they say it was excavated by the giants that inhabited the island, who sat at the taulas of Torralba d'en Salord to eat, taking water from the same well as Na Patarra.

The city of Parella

This legend speaks of a submerged city​; And no, we do not speak of Atlantis, but almost: we speak of the city of Parella.

The city of Parella was cursed by another city, jealous of its beauty, which made it disappear on the sea floor along with all its inhabitants.

If, during the day of Sant Joan, from Ciutadella, you look towards west, you can see the submerged city, and some even claim to have heard the sound of their church bells.

The only way for Parella to be redeemed and resurface is that, on the day of Sant Joan seven guys named Juan and seven girls named Juana meet by chance on the shore.

The legend of Monte Toro

The highest point of Menorca also has its own legend.

It is said that its origin has to do with the belief that formerly, a bull lived on the top of the mountain, protecting him and preventing anyone who dared to climb to his summit.

However, one day, a group of monks decided to go and see what was really happening on top of the Monte Toro and they found themselves face to face with the bull. The animal instead of facing them, went out to meet them leading them to a cave where they found the image of the Virgen del Toro, currently patron saint of the island.

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